Camilla Huey: Artist

Camilla Huey (born 1956) is an American artist currently living and working in
New York City. Camilla has had a varied career in fashion and art with exhibitions such as “The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry & Binding” at the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum Museum and “Tandem Pursuits” at Wavehill’s Glyndor Gallery both in 2013.

She exhibited hats to benefit the
Bard Graduate Center opening
Hats: An Anthology” by Stephen
Jones in 2012. 
Her work is showcased
in the Absolut “Ephemera” Millennium Calendar 2000. She was invited by
Ettore Sottsass to exhibit in “Memphis

in Memphis” in 1984. Camilla has designed couture for private clientele, film, theatre, opera, ballet as well as advertising and editorial. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Blouin ArtInfo, The New York Times & New York Magazine. Huey currently creates portraits at The House of Execution in New York, and is preparing for upcoming exhibitions to be announced


2013 The Loves of Aaron Burr: Portraits in Corsetry & Binding,
The Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum with The New York City Historic House Trust, New York City 



2013 Tandem Pursuits, Armor & Ichthyology, Wave Hill, New York City

2012 Open House New York, Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, New York City

2011 Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones, Bard Graduate Center Auction, New York City



2011 The Goddess Fortuna, Prospect.2, in collaboration with Dawn DeDeaux, New Orleans

1984 Memphis in Memphis, Brooks Art Museum, collaboration with Ettore Sottsass, Memphis



2008 The Life Ball, “Queen of The Life Ball”, Amanda Lepore, Vienna, Austria

2000 Absolute Vodka Millennium “Ephemera” Calendar, Guzman Photography, New York

1999 Victoria’s Secret, “Fantasy and Myth”,  New York City

1996 Houston Opera, “Four Saints In Three Acts” Robert Wilson & Francesco Clemente

1996 “Where the Wild Things Are” in collaboration with Maurice Sendak, Princeton Rep Ballet

1994 Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), "The Flies: A Musical Phantasmagoria,"
composer Vladimir Tarasov, libretto, costumes and stage design by Ilya Kabakov, Brooklyn, New York



BFA, Painting and Textile Design, Memphis Academy of Arts, Memphis


Corset Stamp Scan.jpeg

An Occasional Letter On The Female Sex

 “If we take a survey of the ages and of countries, we shall find the women … adored and oppressed. Man who has never neglected an opportunity of exerting his power, in paying homage to their beauty, always availed himself of their weakness….at once their tyrant and their slave.                                 
By Thomas Paine, August 1775
              “The Failed Corset Maker” & Exhibition Mascot